21 heads
Portraits of Crypto Pioneers by Max Cryptohead


An animated video based on the painting Honey Badger by Max Cryptohead. Available as an NFT (edition of 7).

The fearless Honey Badger is the mascot of Bitcoin. He became famous through a billboard in Silicon Valley funded by former ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver.

Music: Aaron Koenig & Julio Kladniew with vocals by Steffi

A crypto artwork about Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, by Max Cryptohead. Available as an NFT (edition of 7).

It is based on a painting of Satoshi Nakamoto by Max and on footage of an interview with Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Bogotá (Colombia) in December 2017, conducted by Aaron Koenig. Music by Nctrnm.

This short video presents the first eleven portraits of the 21 Heads series in the style of a football match reportage. Not minted as an NFT yet.